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NOA, by Taylor Rogers

Taylor Rogers

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Taylor Rogers blends soundscapes of vocal layering, rhythmic guitar, and electronic texturing to create emotional terrain that both challenges and comforts its listeners. Her third full-length album project NOA is to be released this September, funded by Northwestern's CIRA grant. Taylor has toured all over the US, and performed in various Midwest festivals such as Oberlin FolkFest ad BAMfest. Taylor recorded her first album, 'crossing bridges' (2012) in Oberlin, OH as part of a folk duo with Caroline Mullis, Wide Branches. In September 2014 she released her second album 'wax and wane.' Her music is inspired by themes of "connection, of presence, and of embracing the dream-states so necessary to creation" (Beth-Lodge Rigal, WWFaC Greenbook Review). 


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